WinGUp is a Generic Updater running under Windows environment. The aim of WinGUp is to provide a ready to use and configurable updater which downloads a update package then installs it. By using cURL library and TinyXml module, GUP is capable to deal with http protocol and process XML data.

Originally WinGUp was made for the need of Notepad++ (a generic source code editor under MS Windows). During its conception, the idea came up in my mind : if it can fit Notepad++, it can fit for any Windows program. So here it is, with LGPL license to have no (almost not) restriction for integration in any project.

Being LGPLed, WinGUp can be integrated in both commercial (or close source) and open source project. So if you run a commercial or open a source project under MS Windows and you release your program at regular intervals, then you may need WinGUp to notice your users the new update.

WinGUp source code repository is available on GitHub: